WELCOME TO “Territory of success”!

This resource is the second site I created a few months after my decision to seriously learn and promote myself in the “Virtual world” (My first site is Rafiki-Friends). It is yet another example of that, how to overcome the stereotypes and break down the myths! This is another proof that the simple truths to success are near each of us. I should just start moving and doing small actions as a process began to open another reality.


… it is very difficult for inexperienced newcomer all alone to understand the mass of information!

In fact, I was pushed to this by the problems that continue to negatively affect my main activity. For a long time were not reported events, organized by me or partner associations, despite the existence of a good site of my organisation. Alternatively, the information was published very late and that is not suitable for any manager. It was necessary “to plow a virgin land” to see another landscape of the same “fazenda”!

At the time of this site creation, many things gradually began to change for the better. I had to dig long and hard on the Internet to find appropriate material itself. Kilometer texts and many hours of training videos have become a reliable support to new heights!

But the truth is that it is very difficult for inexperienced newcomer all alone to understand the mass of information, which is exhibited in the “World Wide Web.” On the other hand, there is a decent and educational material.

I got a part of this high-quality material. So I decided to apply the acquired knowledge and skills by offering this “Success Area.” Performing this deed, I wanted to provide to wishing people a resource for exchange of useful utilities. Because in the various spheres of life people always are looking for each other, by joint efforts to improve our world!

The progress of society is achieved by the fact that each of its members makes some success. This is the ideal!

In any case, it is necessary to collect “somewhere” all that is necessary for the development firstly of one individual, and then a group of people. It is necessary that everyone who has been there and spent his time usefully could then exclaim: “I – a successful and happy person.”

I am pleased to denominate this “Somewhere” by many significant and well memorable words “Territory of Success”!

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